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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

What would you say if I offered to give you $3,400 dollars?  If you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day that is about how much you spend in a year.  That does not include the cost of lighters, gas and time to travel for your pack. Nor does it cover any days your sick from smoking related illnesses.


90% of our clients stop smoking after one session.  They also continue to be nonsmokers after one year.

Smoking is a habit and habits are easy to break.  We have been lead to think it is difficult to stop smoking and that you need medications to do it. We say Bull...  OK we say no it's not.  You make up your mind to stop, have your last cigarette before you walk in our door and you will walk out A NONSMOKER.  Not an exsmoker, not a former smoker but a NONSMOKER someone who does not smoke, period, end of story.

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